Children's corner

Here are a few fun reads that we check out of the Library this week:

Maybe A Bear Ate It
by Robie Harris

This was a cute story.

Took the kids to the doctor's on Friday for their annual check ups and the doctor used this book to test my sons speaking skills. My husband was a little confused when my son announced that we had this book at home but later realized it was one of the books we borrowed from the library a few days earlier. I thought that was a strange coincidence.

Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car
by Eileen Christelow

My son loved this book. So much, that I am probable going to have to borrow the rest of her five little monkey stories from the library someday soon.

A New House For Mouse
by Petr Horacek

I liked this book. I liked the pictures and though the story was entertaining.