If I Stay

If I Stay
by Gale Forman

I heard about this book over 6 months ago. At the time a had a new baby to take care of and case of, what I'll call, postpartum anxiety about death. I was not feeling up to watching anything sad and most definitely was not prepared to read a book that involved the dying.

A couple weeks ago I decided that I was ready to read this book and I have to say that I found this story strangely comforting. Strange because the story is so tragic, but comforting because of how Mia makes her choice to Stay alive or go. I found it very easy to understand why the decision to stay would be so hard and it was interesting to watch the people around her influence her decision. I found the story so  fascinating that I finished it in one day. I really wanted to know what her finally decision would be. It was a very interesting read.

If I have anything bad to say about this book it would be that there was a little too much bad language and there was one scene involving Mia and her boyfriend that I found to be inappropriate for teen fiction. It is unfortunate that so many teen novels contain these references.