By Kathy Reichs

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble the other day just browsing and I came across this book at the Young Adult Table. This book jumped out at me because I recognized the name of the author. She is the author of the Temperance Brennan Novels (Bones), Crime thrillers, which I have been enjoying  a lot in the past few months. I really like her style of writing and love reading about the science involved in solving the crimes.

I was very excited when I discovered she had written a Young adult fictional novel. I had a feeling that I would really enjoy it so when I got home that night I downloaded it to my Kindle.
I was right! I really enjoyed this book.

There are many different things that made me enjoy this book. First, as a mentioned before, is her style of writing. I'm not sure if I can put in to words what I like about her writing style but what I do know is that I immediately get caught up in the story. I really liked the characters in the story and felt like they were very relatable. The teens were not annoying and I thought that their thoughts and actions were a realistic portrayal of everyday teens.

This story, like the Temperance Brennan Novels, involves the discovery of bones and the search for truth. Unlike her crime thrillers, this Novel takes on a more Sci Fi feel, as the teens discover special abilities they have gained. I really enjoyed this new angle.

It was also refreshing to read a book that made reference to veterinary medicine with out making me cringe. I recently finished reading a book that involved a lot of Veterinary medicine and I found it to be inaccurate and bothersome. I work in the Veterinary field and have some strong views about that subject so I just can not enjoy a book that does not paint an accurate picture of Veterinary medicine.

But I digress. I found this book to be smart and well written, believable and entertaining. A fun read that made me wish for more when it ended. I hope that she is inspired to write more of these novels.