I ♥ Fantasy!

These books create such a vivid story for me. There is something special about books, that are based on fictional worlds and magical phenomena, but still have the ability to make me feel like a part of the story.  I really love this genre. I find the stories captivating, something I really look for when reading a good fictional novel.

 I credit my love of Fantasy to the author David Eddings. To this day I still consider him my all time favorite Fantasy writer. I am, once again, behind the times and just learned today that he died back in 2009.   So today my post is dedicated to his memory. Thank you for introducing me to the magical world of Fantasy!

When I was in High School my Uncle introduced me to the David Eddings' series and I was hooked immediately. The first series I read was the the Belgariad. These ten books followed the story of a young boy named Garion who begins to discovery his true identity and magical abilities. These are still my all time favorite fantasy series. I love the characters, I love the plot and I love the writing. My favorite character is Silk the thief. He is cynical and sharp-witted but there is just something about him and his sense of humor that I love.

The second series I read were the Elenium. This series introduces you to an entire new world filled with new group of characters. I enjoyed these books just as much as the first series. In fact my sister claims these are her favorite David Eddings books. I really believe that it is because she read them before she read the Belgaraid and Malloreon series so she became attached to this group of characters first.

The characters in these books are wonderfully written. I felt myself caring about each of them and what their future held. I thought the story lines where interesting and couldn't get enough of these books. I would spend entire days curled up in a chair reading these books (and some nights too!). These are the kind of books that make me laugh out loud, cry and forget about the world around me. Don't we all need a place to escape to sometimes?

If you need a place to escape I would recommend picking up a good fantasy book. They are wonderful