Train books

I have two rules when it comes to Children's Picture Books.

1) It has to be visual interesting. The pictures need to be interesting enough to catch the attention of the 2 year old.

2) The story or text needs to be short and entertaining. If the story drags out for to long or there are entire paragraphs on a page my son loses interest and will turn the page before I am done reading.

Simple enough right? Wrong.

For some reason I have a hard time finding books that met both these criteria. This trip to the library was no different.

Because I have 2 young children I often look up the call numbers at home, run into the library with my list, find all the books I can find, check them out and leave with out even flipping through them. Usually in between nap time and feeding time for my 7 month old. I may have to start flipping through the books before I check them out so I don't end up with so many that just are not right for us.

I didn't find any that I really loved but here are a few books that we are enjoying right now.

The Little Engine That Could
by Walter Piper

 My son really likes this book. I do have to skip some of the wordier sections or he will skip ahead. I really like the pictures in this version.

Country Crossing
by Jim Aylesworth

 I think the pictures are really dark and uninteresting but my son liked this book. So much that he wanted me to read it over and over. Mostly so he could look for the train. Have a mention he is obsessed with Trains?

Night Train
by Caroline Stutson

   I thought that this was a cute book about a Train ride.

Engine, Engine, Number Nine
By Stephanie Calmenson

 This was a cute story and I like the rhyming in it. My son enjoyed discovering where the train was going.

and the train goes...
by William Bee

 I liked the bright colors used in this book but didn't really like the art. I did think that it was a cute story. I especially liked the Parrot at the end. My son liked all the sounds heard on the train.

Train Song
By Diane Siebert
This book was ok. I included it because it has lots of pictures of the Train, which is really what my son is most interested in.

Do you have any Train picture books that you like to read to your kids?