Pirate Latitudes By Michael Crichton

This  completed Novel was discovered in Michael Crichton's files after his death in 2008. I had not even realized that he had passed away. I found this news very sad since I enjoy reading his books so much.

This  Historical Fiction Novel is about pirates in the New World. This was different than many of the other books of Michael Crichton's that I have read. Most of his other books I have read have been Science Fiction.

I realize that pirates are always portrayed has cutthroat, rowdy ruffians but I still found it hard to deal with the violent killings in this book. Especially the deaths of a couple younger characters. Ever since I had children of my own, untimely deaths are difficult for me to accept.

I did find the story to be intriguing. Once I accepted their pirate behavior I did enjoy reading about their adventures to obtain a large spanish treasure. This group of pirates keeps having to deal with near death situations as they attempted to claim this treasure. It seemed like every time things started going their way something else threatened to spoil their plans and claim their lives instead.

Michael Crichton's portrayal of pirates in this novel is exactly how I would picture their lives would be like. He really is a great writer.


  1. i have been curious about this book. maybe I will check it out of the library next. I have been enjoying your post. It is so great to finally get some ideas for books to read. Just finished deja dead and now I have started the women in white.


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