New Book List

My friend told me about a list of the top ten Teen books for 2010 so I decided to check it out. I thought it could be fun to read all the books on that list. I had already read the #1 book Catching Fire so 9 books didn't sound to intimidating.

Then I went on my Libraries Website to see if any of the books where available there and discovered that several of the books on the list this year were the second book in the series. So I checked out the list for 2009 and decided to add those to my list also. I had already read Breaking dawn and Hunger games so that only added 8 more books.  So My list was up to 17.

That was until I realized that one of the books on the list was actually the 4th book in the series. Add 3 more. That makes 20.

So my new goal is to read all 20 of these books. I am excited to see if they are any good. If I get through all of them I may go back more years to see what books made the list then. Could be fun?!

Graceling was the first book from that list I read. It was on the 2009 list and I thought it was a great start so hopefully the rest will be just as fun to read.

Of course, I already have some other books that I have also been planning to read that are not Teen books so you don't have to worry about all my post being only from the young adult section. But I have a feeling that many will be =-).

Wish me luck. It may take me a while to get through all 20 but I sure am excited to try!