Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

I came up with the Idea for this blog shortly after reading this book. I was talking to my aunt about recent books we have read and enjoyed. It occurred to me that I am always looking for new things to read and I usually have to rely on suggestions from others. If I go to the library I have to have a book in mind otherwise I just stand there wondering which of these hundreds of books are worth my time to read. This got me thinking that I am sure other people have the same problem as me. So my plan is to share the books I have enjoyed reading (or not) so if you are looking for something new to read maybe something I post will spark your interest. Keeping that in mind I will try not to put to many spoilers in these post so for those who haven't read them but may be interested.

I will admit I am sometimes behind the times when it comes to what is popular right now but I eventually catch on. This applies to this series of books. I kept seeing people commenting on these books so I decided to give them I try and I must say I loved them. All Three. I could not put these books down. I just had to know what would happen next!

I have read some other Sci Fi books in the past that I liked but by the time I get to book three it usually has gotten to weird or "out there" for me. This was not the case with this series. I tried to keep an open mind to how it would end because from experience I know that having a preconceived notion about the happily ever after can cause disappointment. I think that help me really enjoy this book more. And I loved the way it made me think? Watching (really books are very visual for me) Katniss trying to figure out who to trust, who was good and bad and trying to make the correct decisions was so fascinating for me. It made me realize that the world isn't as black and white as we perceive it to be sometimes.

If you haven't read these yet ( I am sure many of you have) you should. They are a great read!


  1. I loved this series too! probably more than twilight. I finished it over a week ago and I am still thinking about it. Kind of sad I have no one to talk about it with, but i don't want to write any spoilers online.


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