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The Dinner List

The Dinner List: A Novel by Rebecca Serle
This book had such an interesting concept and I enjoyed reading it. In the book, Sabrina arrives at her 30th birthday dinner and finds the five people, living or dead, she wanted to have dinner with waiting for her. This includes her absentee father, her best friend, a favorite college professor, Audrey Hepburn and her ex fiancee. As the night progresses we learn why these five specific people are there and what she needs most from them.

It also jumps into the past as she relives her relationship with her ex, from the first time they met to the last time they saw each other. I liked how it went back and forth. One chapter about her relationship and then a chapter about the dinner. It kept the story moving at a good pace and kept me interested in how it would all play out.

There were a lot of good points brought up about relationships in general. About the choices we make and how that can determine the course of our life. I think it really illu…

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