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Teddy Bears

A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at making Stuffed bears. I had a friend who was putting a collection together to donate to the Children's hospital near her. 
 I got the pattern here at Shiny Happy World.
This was a fun project and I learned some new things about sewing in the process. I'm very new to sewing so learning how to do different things is fun for me.
 All the pieces cut out and ready to go. I got the fabric in JoAnn's remnant bin for 50 percent off. Which made this project very affordable. 
 The first thing I learned was how to sewing a curve, rather then a straight line. Most everything else I have tried to make has involved straight lines, which are much easier, especially for a beginner like me. By the time I got to sewing on bear number tens face I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it. (Shiny Happy World had a great tutorial that I used to learn. You can find that here.)

The second thing I learned was how to embroider on the mouths. For so…

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